Rudine Surya Hartanto

Full stack | Android | Web developer



I have about 2 years of experience in this area.

Ability to create responsive RESTful client, and complete CI/CD flows to automate development process. Proficient with anything Android (Activity, Fragments, Intents, Lifecycle callbacks, RecyclerView, SQLite Room, Retrofit, Maps) and familiar with advanced concepts (MVVM, MVP, LiveData, AutoValue, Conductor, RxJava, Dagger 2, Butterknife, Firebase). Experience with unit testing using JUnit and Mockito. Exposure to Kotlin, and React Native.

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I have about 1 year of experience in this area.

Ability to create responsive RESTful client. Proficient with JavaScript, MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node) Stack, and also advanced concepts (Redux, Thunks, Hooks). Experience working with third party APIs (Maps, Firebase, RESTful API). Exposure to unit testing and RESTful API testing using Mocha, Chai and Supertest.

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I have about 4 years of experience in this area. Although I am not actively looking for this role, and my skills are out of date of current industry standard, I am always open to unexpected opportunities.

Proficient in Unity (C#) and several top scripting assets (Playmaker, Tween, Behavior Designer, NGUI). Experience in developing custom Game Engine using C++, DirectX, OpenGL.

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